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My deep condolences go to each one of the people who lost loved ones or property in this terrible natural disaster. It is one of the sad but inevitable truths of the human existence that disaster can strike in our life at any time, usually without any prior announcement. But it is also a very deep and beautiful truth that the human being has an incredible capacity to get back on its feet and continue this beautiful phenomenon called LIFE! Let us all focus on this incredible capacity!

As human beings we have become so far advanced that we tend to underestimate the forces of nature - we should never do that.

But, just as underestimating the forces of nature is true for the "anti tsunami walls" of Fukushima (too low, too weak) and the rest of the Japanese coastline, and for the security measures in the nuclear power plants (inadequate), it is also true for the capacity of our organism to help itself - if we allow it to do so!

Interestingly, the most resistant tissue to radiation in our organism is the nervous tissue and therefore the brain!

I have been walking in radioactive rain in 1986 after Chernobyl. I remember the experience as if it was yesterday. You can not see radioactivity, you can not hear it, you can not smell it, but you can taste it. I remember the panic all over Europe after Chernobyl, and I know that still today, in my home town of Munich, you can not pick wild mushrooms in the forest - and you will not be able to do so for the next 300 years...... they are still radioactive......

As human beings we have a responsibility to protect ourselves against the forces we actually can protect ourselves against, and we have a responsibility to withstand the forces against which we can not protect ourselves - our organism is much stronger than we think!

You know, I am a medical doctor and a specialist in homeopathy, and I believe in Classical Homeopathy as a system to strengthen the natural force of our incredible human organism.

We can use homeopathy to help our organism. I therefore suggest the following to cope with this special situation:

- contact your classical homeopath and ask for advice
- repeat in low and frequent doses the remedy that has helped you most, what you might call your  "constitutional" remedy
- if you suffer from the after effects of the earthquake, take a remedy specific for those symptoms. Most probably "aconitum" in a high potency (M or XM) will help you
- if you have nothing special you can take or feel like taking, you can take Ferrum metallicum in a low potency, like Ferrum metallicum 12K, three globules every day. Ferrum supports the blood system, which, together with the immune system is the most sensitive to radiation


Some general advice how to deal with radiation form the holistic point of view:

1. During times of radioactive exposure, switch from fresh food to processed food (produced before the disaster) as much as possible. Avoid meat, prefer fish. If you need vegetables, prefer roots, not leaves.
avoid  salad and any other large leaved vegetables. Substitute vitamins with vitamin pills.
2. Take iodum (pills or food including iodum) to protect against radioactive iodum and follow the recommendations of public health officials 3. Your state of mind is very important. Take care of your state of mind
- meditate, play music, talk, make love, whatever brings you in a good state of mind - do it! It strengthens your immune system, which absolutely needs the power to resist the radioactive fallout as much as possible!

  1. 放射能の暴露期間中は、できるだけ新鮮な食べ物を控え、加工食品(災害以前に生産されたもの)に切り替えます。肉を避け、魚を食べる。野菜を食べるなら、葉物ではなく根菜にしましょう。サラダ、特に大きな葉の野菜は避ける。不足したビタミンは、ビタミン剤で補います。
  2. 放射性ヨウ素から身を守るため、ヨウ素(錠剤やヨウ素が含まれている食品など)をとり、公衆衛生当局の指示に従います。
  3. 心のありかたがとても大事です。自分の精神状態に注意を払ってください。瞑想、音楽、おしゃべり、メイクラブ・・・気持ちがよくなることなら何でもいいのです。それをしてください!免疫系が強化されます。免疫系は、放射性物質に抵抗するためのパワーをとにかく必要としています!

You can send questions and comments to the email address in this page and we will try to inform you to our best knowledge!

Take Care of Yourself and Lots of energy and protection to all of YOU!

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